Autumn Group Building Activity


Autumn Group Building Activity

In order to enhance the cohesion between departments and show the vigor and enthusiasm of the staff, our company organized an autumn group building and development training activity for all the management staff in mid-September.

The content of the training included team building, cracking the matrix and many other projects. During the training, many projects seem difficult and dangerous, testing the endurance of the staff and the teamwork spirit, but as long as the brain is open, practical and cooperative, they can pass successfully.

After a full day of physical training during the day, the evening ushered in a relaxing moment - team barbecue and bonfire. Riding on the autumn mood and forgetting the fatigue of work, we all barbecued together, wrapped dumplings, and sang and danced around the bonfire to our heart's content.

Through a day of training, the team experienced the reorganization of generation, demonstration and integration, new and old employees from the initial friction to mutual cooperation, team members deeply appreciate the profound meaning of task, dedication and collaboration, and strengthen the team's communication, self-confidence, centripetal force and cohesion.

group building activity

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