YHC Dry Type AC Filter Capacitor

  • YHC Dry Type AC Filter Capacitor
  • YHC Dry Type AC Filter Capacitor
  • YHC Dry Type AC Filter Capacitor
YHC Dry Type AC Filter Capacitor
  • RUVA
  • 3 Weeks

1. High-temperature resistant PP film as dielectric
2. Thickening metallized electrodes
3. No inductance winding structure
4. Low equivalent series resistance
5. Able to withstand high ripple current and withstand impacting of high-peak current
6. Low self-inductance with long service life
7. Applicable to rail traffic power electronic equipment, AC filter circuits in UPS supply

Power Electronic Capacitors - YHC type


YHC Dry type AC filter capacitor


  • Dielectric: High-temperature resistant Metallized polypropylene film, self-healing

  • Casing: Aluminum / plastic

  • Filling: Polyurethane resin or oil

  • Terminal: Bolt or cap terminals

  • High ripple current

  • High impulse current

  • Low inductance

  • High reliability and long life time

  • Shock and vibration proof

  • Applicable to rail traffic power electronic equipments

  • Applicable to AC filter circuit in UPS power supply


Rated Voltage UN230 Vac~850 Vac
Power QN5.0 kvar~40.0 kvar
Connection Method1 Phase

Losses -Dielectric QD 

            -Total         QT

<0.2 W/kvar 

<0.5 W/kvar

Temperature Class

-40/D (-40/60 optional)

Max. temp.: +55 ℃ 

Max. mean 24 h: +45 ℃ 

Max. mean 1 year: +35 ℃ 

Lowest temp.: -40 ℃

Max. Humidity Hmax95 %RH
Max. Altitude2000 m
Admissible Voltage Levels

1.1UN: up to 8 h daily

1.15UN: up to 30 min daily 

1.2UN: up to 5 min daily 

1.3UN: up to 1 min daily



Overpressure disconnector

Mean Life Expectancy tLD

Up to 180 000 h(-40/C)

Up to 120 000 h(-40/D)

Case and ShapeAluminum, cylindrical
Terminals TypeBolt or cap terminals
ImpregnationPolyurethane resin or oil
Discharge MethodInternal or external or without
CoolingNatural or forced cooled

GB/T 12747.1-2017

(idt IEC 60831-1:2014)

GB/T 12747.2-2017 

(idt IEC 60831-2:2014)


power electronic capacitor


UPS capacitor


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